Thursday, September 22, 2016

~All About Madeline~

We had open house at the girls school tonight and toured their rooms
I'll show a bit of Madeline's things first since it has been a sad day for her...

I posted this yesterday when I went outside to see what Madeline was doing...
collecting eggs AND chickens haha
she loves loves loves these chickens and her bunny Snowflake

I went outside to look for Odie (our old deaf heart failure doggie) and see the rabbit hutch turned over
sweet Snowflake was laying about a foot away very sad
I send this pic to Hank trying to figure out what happened while starting to look for the chickens
then I see 2 dogs running down the side of our yard

I send this pic to Hank and of course he knows the doggies
they belong to our neighbor and got out of their fence due to a worker letting them out:(
They killed Madeline's bunny and 3 of our chickens (all named by Madeline)
She is so sad
my sweet neighbor is so sad 
sometimes these things just happen....
Madeline got it together to go to her open house and I am proud of my baby

I love this so much!
Life is awesome when you add to your family in such a unique way as we added Carly
and of course Madeline has been calling her a sister all along, love that!
all of this poem is SO Madeline!

I emailed it to Gardner (her English teaching brother:) and this is his response
he knows his sister well hahaha!!

her class went on a field trip to Reelfoot lake and Madeline was ALL about that!

I'm such a proud Mom that her favorite foods are McDonalds, Chick Fila and Wendy's
what about the homemade spaghetti I make... just for her
the steaks we grill... just for her
hahaha... kids!!!

Oh how I love this child, praying she feels better about her animals as the days go by
Her daddy is taking her to get some more chickens this weekend:)

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