Thursday, August 11, 2016

~Pensacola 2016~

ok let's try this again....
I just wrote out our entire vacation and accidentally deleted it
-I have no idea what I did-
I think it is called "being 53"
or something like that!

Anyway we just returned from our annual vacation to Pensacola with Ma Kitty and Grandpa Jim
We had to go a bit late since John David was committed to swim this summer
Gardner and Kendyl could not go since his teaching already started
and Julianne and Chris went earlier with his fam
apparently Gardner is in charge of all the games seeing as we did not play ANY!

Madeline was a master shell collector

 Janie is a FISH! She spent more time under the water than on sand!

creating their masterpieces!

the crew waiting on dinner

Janie makes me laugh!

our annual putt putt game, we did not even keep score this year hahaha
Gardner where are you when we need you!!!!!

still collecting shells

Hank and JD shared a crab dinner.....lots of work to me haha

the fam minus a few:(

last day at the beach!

I posted this on instagram...
love these two so very much!

and now we are back home getting ready for school to start!
Janie had her first cheerleading practice tonight.....
she is so so excited!!!
she told me to take a picture of her to send to Juju:)
after practice she called Ju to give her the play by play details!

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