Thursday, August 4, 2016

~Life Lately~

Goodness it is already the end of summer break...
one more week til kids go back to school
wah and yeah at the same time haha

I'm a bit tired of getting up at O dark thirty to exercise
but then again I'll still be getting up at O dark thirty to get kids off to school
just drinking my coffee instead of exercising :)
I will miss having it out of the way but look forward to not rushing thorough it to get back home...

Last weekend I went to Knoxville for my 35 year high school reunion
yes......I was the only one with a 7, 9 and 14 year old still at home 
I am here for your entertainment!
I have to say it was so awesome to be with my sweet group of friends
especially ones that have all the same wrinkles and stray gray hairs as I do!!!!

goodness I so love these girls!
we have such a great history together

we all went to a barre class together

We had such a great weekend and so many funny memories and late nights
I think we all felt like time stopped a bit so we could catch up!

We all went home to our different realities on Sunday after sweet fellowship together!

back home with my crazy Goldbug who sleeps with her head hanging off her bed
by the way I am still crazy....
we are getting another big ole goldendoodle in the spring
I'm so so so excited!!!
I hope I don't hate her like I hated Goldbug the first year hahaha
the joke is always on me when I beg Hank for something:)

and sweet (annoying) Odie getting loving from JD

and taking big( entering high school) boys to their elementary playground....
so so funny!
we were actually picking up Madeline and Janie from camp
 they jumped out of the car so fast to play
 yelling out all the things they remembered playing:)

taking pictures of creatures in tanks at our neighborhood Chinese restaurant

and being grossly entertained by Janie and Daddy at dinner....
yeah I'm not thinking my high school friends did any of this when they got home,
too bad for them hahaha!

Off to the beach for a few days and then back home to tackle homework again

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