Monday, August 8, 2016

~Deep Thoughts......~

This picture sums up how I feel these days
lots and lots of emotions
each one of us in this picture was scared
all of us but Janie felt hopeful as well

she was like we as children of God are....
she did not know the future therefore she was more frightened 
little did she know how dearly we already held her in our hearts
we each knew our commitment and deep love we have for her

I feel a bit like Janie did on that day
scared and uncertain
our family has been going through some uncharted territory with one of our kids
in turn the future scares me a bit
honestly a lot on some days
some days I handle it well and other days not well at all

I was looking through some old pictures and came across this one
I was immediately struck by how I feel just like Janie must have felt that day
and for many days following

I then became mesmerized by the look on Hank's face...
such tender empathy and deep love for a child he does not know
my hand on her arm remembering speaking words of encouragement to this frightened child
John David's hopeful look at her, and goodness does he love his sister now! 
Madeline's sweet little face is hidden by John David

So many things spoken through an old picture
our family loved a sweet little girl in a way comparable to Christ's love for us
She did not know the future but we did
we knew that we could provide love, security, blessing and so many other things for her
 she knew none of these things
yet she willingly held our hands and slowly began to trust us...

I can close my eyes and see God's look of empathy and love on his face as he watches 
our family make our way through the unknown
His hand on my arm gently encouraging me with His words
His hopeful look upon us knowing He can provide all we need
I willingly take God's hand and choose to trust....

and look at her today
goodness joy and love of life radiate from her
I'm so thankful she chose to trust

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