Saturday, August 20, 2016

~College Move In Day~

Friday was move in day for Carly!
This was my easiest move in yet...
because Hank and I got to help by little people!
It was glorious....
why did I not get the heads up with the other kids????
oh and the big reason it was the easiest????
she is here in town
so much easier emotionally for our family!!

Anyway we had her settled in a few hours

Isn't it so cute!!
apparently the big thing now for dorm rooms is having a headboard...
Carly and her room mate Jordan went to Lowes on their own and picked the wood and had it cut
Hank put them together and Carly stained:)

she and Jordan are adorable!

Julianne met me and the girls there this morning to see her room and go to lunch

Madeline has been worried about Carly going to college
it was so good for her to see how close to home she is...
the day after move in :)

I am so very proud of Carly!
Life has certainly not turned out as she imagined as a little girl
 ~her mom and dad moving her into her dorm~
yet she continues to move along with grace 
she is full of hope for her future
she has her days of uncertainty but has grown to trust that God is holding her
What a privilege it is to be in her life!
Carly we are so very proud of the young woman you are
go chase those dreams girl!!!!
and please come home on the weekend:)

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