Wednesday, August 31, 2016

~Well.....This Just Makes Me Laugh~

that's a lot of people and animals
just sayin

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Should have named her Snuffleupagus

best dog ever:)
we will see.....we are getting another one this spring!

~We Have a Seahawk Cheerleader~

This morning Janie cheered on the Seahawks for the first time
she was adorable and did not complain once
....and it was HOT....

last time I was at this field was 15 years ago(when I was just pregnant with
John David) to watch Julianne cheer...
of course she had to come watch Janie haha 

she has the cheerleader pose down

cooling off

goodness she is cute:)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Saturday, August 20, 2016

~College Move In Day~

Friday was move in day for Carly!
This was my easiest move in yet...
because Hank and I got to help by little people!
It was glorious....
why did I not get the heads up with the other kids????
oh and the big reason it was the easiest????
she is here in town
so much easier emotionally for our family!!

Anyway we had her settled in a few hours

Isn't it so cute!!
apparently the big thing now for dorm rooms is having a headboard...
Carly and her room mate Jordan went to Lowes on their own and picked the wood and had it cut
Hank put them together and Carly stained:)

she and Jordan are adorable!

Julianne met me and the girls there this morning to see her room and go to lunch

Madeline has been worried about Carly going to college
it was so good for her to see how close to home she is...
the day after move in :)

I am so very proud of Carly!
Life has certainly not turned out as she imagined as a little girl
 ~her mom and dad moving her into her dorm~
yet she continues to move along with grace 
she is full of hope for her future
she has her days of uncertainty but has grown to trust that God is holding her
What a privilege it is to be in her life!
Carly we are so very proud of the young woman you are
go chase those dreams girl!!!!
and please come home on the weekend:)

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Do you remember when Hank brought home 13 little chickens after ours were killed by the neighborhood fox??
Well apparently a few of said chickens are roosters:)
We have randomly been hearing incomplete cock-a-doodle-doo's...

This morning I was woken up by Hank laughing
then I heard a very clear cock-a-doodle-doo and knew why haha
Well seeing as roosters are not allowed in our neighborhood
Hank and John David set out to catch the culprits to take back to the farmer

this pic cracks me up....look closely at Hank....see that chicken tucked under his arm??haha

Janie is standing there listening to the conversation like it is so normal to be inspecting chickens
and deciding if they are roosters or not!

still deciding.....

one is let go having decided he is a she...

Madeline is so happy Fish is a girl

a few hours later Hank heard the famous cock-a-doodle-doo and off he went
again with Fish in tow this time. She is a He:)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

~Pensacola 2016~

ok let's try this again....
I just wrote out our entire vacation and accidentally deleted it
-I have no idea what I did-
I think it is called "being 53"
or something like that!

Anyway we just returned from our annual vacation to Pensacola with Ma Kitty and Grandpa Jim
We had to go a bit late since John David was committed to swim this summer
Gardner and Kendyl could not go since his teaching already started
and Julianne and Chris went earlier with his fam
apparently Gardner is in charge of all the games seeing as we did not play ANY!

Madeline was a master shell collector

 Janie is a FISH! She spent more time under the water than on sand!

creating their masterpieces!

the crew waiting on dinner

Janie makes me laugh!

our annual putt putt game, we did not even keep score this year hahaha
Gardner where are you when we need you!!!!!

still collecting shells

Hank and JD shared a crab dinner.....lots of work to me haha

the fam minus a few:(

last day at the beach!

I posted this on instagram...
love these two so very much!

and now we are back home getting ready for school to start!
Janie had her first cheerleading practice tonight.....
she is so so excited!!!
she told me to take a picture of her to send to Juju:)
after practice she called Ju to give her the play by play details!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hank's Peanut Butter Phobia

Hank does not have a phobia of eating peanut butter
His phobia is the fear of not having enough......
If I'm counting correctly there are 8 jars
That does not include the individual packs you see stacked up behind the jars...

You think he may have a problem???

Monday, August 8, 2016

~Deep Thoughts......~

This picture sums up how I feel these days
lots and lots of emotions
each one of us in this picture was scared
all of us but Janie felt hopeful as well

she was like we as children of God are....
she did not know the future therefore she was more frightened 
little did she know how dearly we already held her in our hearts
we each knew our commitment and deep love we have for her

I feel a bit like Janie did on that day
scared and uncertain
our family has been going through some uncharted territory with one of our kids
in turn the future scares me a bit
honestly a lot on some days
some days I handle it well and other days not well at all

I was looking through some old pictures and came across this one
I was immediately struck by how I feel just like Janie must have felt that day
and for many days following

I then became mesmerized by the look on Hank's face...
such tender empathy and deep love for a child he does not know
my hand on her arm remembering speaking words of encouragement to this frightened child
John David's hopeful look at her, and goodness does he love his sister now! 
Madeline's sweet little face is hidden by John David

So many things spoken through an old picture
our family loved a sweet little girl in a way comparable to Christ's love for us
She did not know the future but we did
we knew that we could provide love, security, blessing and so many other things for her
 she knew none of these things
yet she willingly held our hands and slowly began to trust us...

I can close my eyes and see God's look of empathy and love on his face as he watches 
our family make our way through the unknown
His hand on my arm gently encouraging me with His words
His hopeful look upon us knowing He can provide all we need
I willingly take God's hand and choose to trust....

and look at her today
goodness joy and love of life radiate from her
I'm so thankful she chose to trust

Thursday, August 4, 2016

~Life Lately~

Goodness it is already the end of summer break...
one more week til kids go back to school
wah and yeah at the same time haha

I'm a bit tired of getting up at O dark thirty to exercise
but then again I'll still be getting up at O dark thirty to get kids off to school
just drinking my coffee instead of exercising :)
I will miss having it out of the way but look forward to not rushing thorough it to get back home...

Last weekend I went to Knoxville for my 35 year high school reunion
yes......I was the only one with a 7, 9 and 14 year old still at home 
I am here for your entertainment!
I have to say it was so awesome to be with my sweet group of friends
especially ones that have all the same wrinkles and stray gray hairs as I do!!!!

goodness I so love these girls!
we have such a great history together

we all went to a barre class together

We had such a great weekend and so many funny memories and late nights
I think we all felt like time stopped a bit so we could catch up!

We all went home to our different realities on Sunday after sweet fellowship together!

back home with my crazy Goldbug who sleeps with her head hanging off her bed
by the way I am still crazy....
we are getting another big ole goldendoodle in the spring
I'm so so so excited!!!
I hope I don't hate her like I hated Goldbug the first year hahaha
the joke is always on me when I beg Hank for something:)

and sweet (annoying) Odie getting loving from JD

and taking big( entering high school) boys to their elementary playground....
so so funny!
we were actually picking up Madeline and Janie from camp
 they jumped out of the car so fast to play
 yelling out all the things they remembered playing:)

taking pictures of creatures in tanks at our neighborhood Chinese restaurant

and being grossly entertained by Janie and Daddy at dinner....
yeah I'm not thinking my high school friends did any of this when they got home,
too bad for them hahaha!

Off to the beach for a few days and then back home to tackle homework again