Wednesday, July 6, 2016

~The Big Corn Harvest...and 4th of July~

It all started with this

and turned into this....

Monday the 4th became the harvest day.....
and all that entails

yes the girls are still wearing their pj's
when Daddy is ready to harvest
we harvest!
John David got lucky and had practice 8-10

but he did not miss the shucking and putting up for the year

just sayin it looked like child labor to me haha
The kids worked like crazy fools
and I had the kitchen cleaned by dinner time
lets just say this is the most corn Hank has ever harvested

If you want any come and pick some corn next weekend
just come on over!
seriously...there is way too much!!

Next up we cooked out and went to see fireworks:)
I was a bit lax in taking pics this year
~thinking lots and lots of corn had to do with that~

some of our crew waiting on fireworks:)

Kendyl brought the girls hula hoops and oh my goodness it was so entertaining
Janie's legs got wider and wider as did her swaying hips hahaha

I looked over and Janie has a yoga pose going
girlfriend cracks me up
Madeline took yoga after school last year and obviously has been teaching her sister:)

seriously this is on the street corner for all of Germantown to see
yeah we are those parents lol

some of the big kids jumped into the action

hula hooping to fireworks!!

and this pic sums up our day
It was yummy:)

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