Monday, July 25, 2016

~Long Course Southeastern Championship Meet~

As I've written many times over the summer we spend a lot of time at pools
John David especially!
he has trained 6 days a week
4 of those days twice a day

This past weekend was what all that training was geared toward:)
He had such a great meet!!

I loved every second of it except the parts that involved the incessant whining
of an unnamed family member????
Put it this way.....
Hank and I will go by ourselves when JD competes for the Southeastern meet in the spring
just sayin......

I am very spoiled in the picture department since a friend rented a lens 
and captured so many awesome pics of the entire team
~thanks Jeanne!~

John David finaled in most of his races and was pleased with all his times:)
his only moment of arrrrrggggggg was when he was DQ'd in his 400 free
wahhhh, it was so sad
but he picked himself back up and had a great attitude
Honestly I am most proud of him for how he handled that over his other accomplishments
Hank and I both felt that he learned more in that moment than he did in any of his wins

now on to the awesome pics:)

this pic cracks me up! These 3 boys have a lot of fun together
so much fun that John David missed one of his races when he was 11!
He knows better now so they laugh on the benches now haha

can you tell a Mom made these boys take this pic? haha
JD, Daniel, Ethan and Taylor swam in the 2 relays and won both
now that was really fun!

Taylor's mom found this old pic on her phone of JD and Taylor when they were 9!
so so cute!!!

the boys are making their coach Rick laugh here
John David said they were talking about his (John David's) fly in the relay....
it was not pretty but was fast enough
Rick decided right before finals to switch John David and Ethan up putting Ethan in 
free and JD in fly....
he had his reasons and knows better than us but let me tell you Ethan's mom and I were both questioning....actually laughing about how little we know!

such a cool pic!
John David is in the middle in black

checking out his time

the 13-14 boys received this....
such a great weekend!!!!
minus the whining haha

John David will move up to Seniors in a few weeks
I can't believe he will be in high school!
we sure will miss Coach Rick!
He has been so good for John David!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Keeping It Fun

Sometimes the kids get bored
So we swim in clothes around here for further entertainment:)

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Think I Need a New Suit!!

Let's just say I had an eventful swim this morning....
This is the back of my suit...
After I had already been swimming for 15 minutes
...or so...
Thankfully Hank showed up at the pool to swim as well
He said he caught a flash of lilly white when saw me swimming

He stood at the end of my lane and witnessed my flip turn
I believe he said he doubled over and was crying he was laughing so hard

He startled me by swimming up to me in the middle of my lane and could not stop laughing
I'm thinking " what in the world are you doing?"
 he held his hands up and said "before you get mad, touch your buttcrack"
 I was DYING!!!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
he said the look on my face was priceless hahaha

Thankfully he was sweet enough to put a towel at the end of my lane😳

In my defense the exact same thing happened to Hank about 6 months ago
When told about it I did not understand how he could not feel a big ole rip in his suit...
Now I get it!
 It does not feel any different lol

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

~The Big Corn Harvest...and 4th of July~

It all started with this

and turned into this....

Monday the 4th became the harvest day.....
and all that entails

yes the girls are still wearing their pj's
when Daddy is ready to harvest
we harvest!
John David got lucky and had practice 8-10

but he did not miss the shucking and putting up for the year

just sayin it looked like child labor to me haha
The kids worked like crazy fools
and I had the kitchen cleaned by dinner time
lets just say this is the most corn Hank has ever harvested

If you want any come and pick some corn next weekend
just come on over!
seriously...there is way too much!!

Next up we cooked out and went to see fireworks:)
I was a bit lax in taking pics this year
~thinking lots and lots of corn had to do with that~

some of our crew waiting on fireworks:)

Kendyl brought the girls hula hoops and oh my goodness it was so entertaining
Janie's legs got wider and wider as did her swaying hips hahaha

I looked over and Janie has a yoga pose going
girlfriend cracks me up
Madeline took yoga after school last year and obviously has been teaching her sister:)

seriously this is on the street corner for all of Germantown to see
yeah we are those parents lol

some of the big kids jumped into the action

hula hooping to fireworks!!

and this pic sums up our day
It was yummy:)