Saturday, June 25, 2016

~Georgia Tech Meet~

I have been so very lame taking pictures of John David at swim meets
partly because the lighting is awful and I get frustrated!
When the 2 of us went to Georgia Tech last year I was so mad at myself for not bringing my camera
Georgia Tech is where the '96 Olympics were held
and the lighting is oh so nice....very cool pool!

So I finally brought my camera on the trip this year
I love this meet, John David loves this meet
 it is really a lot of fun for me
it is really a lot of work for John David:)
He swam 3 races a day in prelims and went right back to the pool late afternoon for finals that evening.....
that translates to 
5 races on Friday
(one of his races Friday afternoon was a final so he did not have to swim it again)
5 races on Saturday
and just 2 on Sunday
needless to say he was wiped each day
but he had a great meet

contemplating his next race

I know these are repetitive but they are cool haha

talking with Coach Rick

the kids go report to their coach after each race to receive feedback 

after finals on Friday, his longest day
he was so so tired:)

this is what a 50 free looks like
a bunch of splashing body parts!
this race is always so close and fun to watch!

after his race looking at the score board to see the final times

Daniel and John David preparing for the 200 free

and they are off

checking out the clock to see his time
this child of mine is a bit competitive:)

All in all this was such a great meet for John David. He made it to finals every night and came away with all best times for him. 
Another cool thing about this meet is that took place the last weekend to make the Olympic trials.
We saw 3 kids make the trial times, many of them tried multiple times, and many did not make it by 100ths of a second. It is a brutal sport when trying to make Olympic trial times!
I cannot wait to see who makes it!
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