Saturday, June 25, 2016

Catch Up IPhone Dump...

I cannot even call myself a "blogger" anymore
not that I ever posted a lot....
but I definitely kept up with our major events better than I am now!

John David and I went to Georgia Tech last weekend for a big swim meet
and I actually took my camera
shocker I know!

When I sat down to add his pictures I realized I have not updated the beginning of summer!
So here is a dump of the last day of school and the beginning of our crazy:)

Madeline and Carson at field day:)

park director

all the 3rd grade girls

Madeline adores Mrs Garrett:)

officially in the pool for summer
is it only my child that I see upside down...on a a pool????
Janie Jane is cray cray and oh so happy:)

Julianne's disgusted look as we are all watching the Bachelorette...
she actually wants to hear what is going on...
(like a normal person)
the rest of us are quite obnoxious with our ongoing comments
and of course totally entertained by ourselves haha
Julianne???? not so much

Madeline, Janie and I took a trip to Dallas to visit Aunt Meg and Uncle Pat
and cousins

Meredith took over the Mommy role

Madeline fell in love with Buttons

we painted pottery

we played in the rain and acted like fools...

went to movies with our cousins

and acted crazy in the airport waiting on our flight home haha
the girls were so so good and we had a special trip for sure!

while we were in Dallas John David and Hank went fishing in southern Louisiana

they brought home a bunch of great fish!

immediately the next day we were here....
this is essentially where I live in the summer
at a  pool somewhere, indoor, outdoor, in our neighborhood or out of state haha
I love love love watching my kids do what they love:)

sweet Carly following Janie around in the rain
 looking at the millions of things Janie is interested in
and don't forget listening to her talk a mile a minute :)
girlfriend has A LOT of words

Janie is READY  for her first swim meet of the season
this child LOVES to swim, she is a fish!

ready for her first race

she was pumped haha
Madeline invited Carson to come hang with her and watch their friends swim!

the fam came to watch:)

this made my day!
 She was swimming breast stroke and kept looking at the girls on either side of her:)
John David used to do the exact same thing, so so cute!

Okay I think that about sums up the beginning of our summer!!
Lots of time at, in, and around pools:)

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