Monday, May 30, 2016

~Carly's Graduation~

I think I will now be all caught up with Carly until dorm move in

makes me sad thinking about it!

Carly and Blake

Cindy is Carly's old neighbor who adores Carly..
she came all the way from North Carolina to see Carly's graduation

her sweet grandparents

with Uncle Roy

Aunt Marcia and Uncle Jim
they came in from Chattanooga for the celebration

Aunt Laura

Goodness Carly is blessed by her brothers

I love this pic since I actually caught Ryan smiling haha

with Jordan

last but not least a pic of the 2 of us!
We did not get one with Hank and JD because they had to leave to get JD to a party

It has been a joy to spend these past 2 school years with Carly.
I will miss her terribly when she goes to college
thankfully she will be right here in town and will come home often:)
We love and adore you Carly Lynn!
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