Monday, May 30, 2016

~Carly's Graduation~

I think I will now be all caught up with Carly until dorm move in

makes me sad thinking about it!

Carly and Blake

Cindy is Carly's old neighbor who adores Carly..
she came all the way from North Carolina to see Carly's graduation

her sweet grandparents

with Uncle Roy

Aunt Marcia and Uncle Jim
they came in from Chattanooga for the celebration

Aunt Laura

Goodness Carly is blessed by her brothers

I love this pic since I actually caught Ryan smiling haha

with Jordan

last but not least a pic of the 2 of us!
We did not get one with Hank and JD because they had to leave to get JD to a party

It has been a joy to spend these past 2 school years with Carly.
I will miss her terribly when she goes to college
thankfully she will be right here in town and will come home often:)
We love and adore you Carly Lynn!

~Janie's 7th Birthday~ May 9th

In my continuing quest to catch up 
here is Janie's bday celebration
oh so so late!!
Janie's birthday creeps up on me suddenly every year...
why? because it is May!

We started Janie's celebration the weekend before her big day with a party at pump it up:)

my goodness this was so much fun

we all got in on it
the competition was fierce among the adults haha
Hank never made it past the first one, just sank
the rest of us completed it but it was not pretty
but oh so funny!
Hank is crying he is laughing so hard


girlfriend was so happy at her celebration

she requested horse cupcake cake:)

On Mother's day we opened her presents since Daddy had to travel on her actual day...
Janie is one of those kids that does not ask for many things so she usually chooses
a big party instead of big gifts, she is a social little one:)

Now on to the actual day....

she requested donuts in bed (of course)

acting crazy at dinner that evening

after 3 days of celebrating we were finally done haha!

Julianne posted this on Janie's birthday and it made my day:)
Janie is such a joy to celebrate!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Carly's Senior Prom

For some reason whoever was in charge of reserving a place for prom
 forgot their job until it was too late!
Senior prom ended up being the weekend before graduation eek!!
This group embraced it and had a great time!
~photo overload ahead~

these two have such a special relationship

Janie made Carly another bouquet 

Blake was busted haha

my fave
shows her spunky personality
that spunk serves her well!

my favorite pic ever of these 2!

Janie tagging along til the end:)

Julianne came for the festivities

John David loves to make fun of the "girl" pose!

what the girls do ......
act crazy haha

Chris made it too!

What this family does when the limo leaves and Mom thinks the sun is pretty..
I just want a normal pic

not happening

bunch of crazy peeps!

It was a great evening seeing Carly off:)