Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Years Collide

April 27, 2012

16 years since the day Jeff passed from this earth into heaven
Jeff and I married in 1984....we were married almost 16 years
Hank and I married in 2001....we have been married almost 16 years

I was dwelling on these facts this morning and could only visualize waves crashing
the ebb and flow 
the crashing
the absolute beauty of it all

In 2000 I was left behind to pick up the pieces of my life alone with my 3 kiddos
~so jealous that Jeff knew what heaven and glory feels like, the sweet relief to be with Jesus~
yet I got to see my children grow into awesome adults
I get to see God's glory and beauty on this earth

I don't understand God's ordination of our days
but I know it is true
my days are ordained by God
for some reason I am still on this earth, still raising children
(yeah He has a sense of humor too)
so many things I will never understand...

what I do understand is that our time on this earth is fleeting
like shadows moving and changing
waves ebbing and crashing
slight in comparison to our time in eternity

I pray I will use my time well...
I tend to get caught up in the simple mundane tasks of my day
or become swallowed by the difficult emotional days
the ebb and flow of these days on earth...
I pray that God will give me clarity of mind to grasp my need
of Psalm 46:10
  Be still and know that I am God

Julianne posted on instagram one of the songs sang at Jeff's funeral

says it all

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