Sunday, March 27, 2016

~Happy Easter 2016~

Easter already!!!

the girls don't even wait for John David and Carly anymore haha!

checking to see if the Easter Bunny hid any eggs...

Juju talking to Hanky as he grills our lunch

our chaos trying to get a pic

ok we got one!

notice I am ready for the pic lol!!!

love these girls so very much!!

and love this sweet husband of mine!

boys will be boys!
I had to add some girly flare to the pic!

this pic totally looks like I set it up 
the kids took off to do an "album cover pose" as we call it in our cray family
Eric and Carly are pondering this decision haha

Gardner it the creative genius behind this 

once Gardner got in the pic I obviously could not get the correct angle!

these two!
such great buds!!

some excitement for the big egg hunt!

the big kids get pretty creative in hiding the eggs...

chillin magazine cover pose during the hunt

love this pic so much!

look at that determination on her face

another fave!

I have no words for this

or this

or this...

just a normal day discussing chickens
we are very strange.....

photo bomb #1

photo bomb #2

and this pic just shows how ridiculously crazy these "grown ups" are hahaha!

Happy Easter Y'all! 

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