Sunday, January 31, 2016

~What We've Been Up To~

the normal busy like everyone else:)

this a mess!
I walked into the kitchen and she is watching her ipad with a box on her head...
just a normal morning with this kid haha

I got home one morning and one of the chickens was squawking...very loudly
the last time this happened I worried that a fox or something was attacking..
ended up that the chicken just needed to lay an egg and the egg nest was full
so on this morning I felt sorry for the squawker and gathered the eggs that were in her way:)

Janie celebrated her 100th day of school

each child was given 100 pennies to spend at their carnival

it was such a fun afternoon
and yes this was my last 100th day celebration
at 52 I guess that should be overdue haha

John David had his middle school championship meet on Saturday
he swam in 3 events

the boy can dive....
he got 3rd place in 100 free
1st in 50 back 
and 1st in 200 free

he has one more meet next weekend to try to get a few more Southeastern times..
and then the big Southeastern Championship meet at the end of February..
he will have a short break until long course starts in March
the life of a swimmer:)

these things still make me laugh every time!

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