Saturday, January 23, 2016

~The Big Celebration~

Madeline's birthday was perfect for a 9 year old!
School was out for the big snow...
all one inch of it with clear roads
ha it is Memphis after all:)
3-8 inches, blizzard conditions was the forecast
the kids were not disappointed though
they played and played and played
great bday for Madeline

donuts with a candle :)

movies and popcorn in the morning
on a school day

playing in the snow

the aftermath of breakfast for dinner for the birthday girl with the whole family

Madeline and Kendyl getting their creative on the cake

still inspecting....has to be perfect:)

we called Janie the "maid of honor" all night
she helped with everything to make Madeline's night perfect
such a sweet little sister!

I LOVE the look on her face!
I'm sure thinking about what she is going to wish for:)


Allie nailed her card!
49% princess
51% rebel hahaha

Madeline loves loves loves Starwars:)

and the "maid of honor"?
she got trash bags for Madeline and cleaned up the wrapping paper...
as Madeline opened, so cute!

after dinner we played games
all of which Madeline was in charge of 
first was Sardines...
a backwards hide and seek game
(one person hides and the rest hide with that person as they find him or her)
this time it was the pantry
the last of all 10 were filing out as I was trying to get a picture haha

Next up was Charades (is that even how to spell it??)
anyway per Madeline's requirements we all had to be an animal
apparently snails, scorpions and slugs are animals
fun night:)
Happy birthday Madeline!!!

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