Friday, January 15, 2016

Do You Even Bitmoji???

Ok so we all know our family is slightly strange...
slightly may not be the correct adjective
a friend got me started using bitmoji's a few weeks ago
and we are TORMENTING our kids with it
meaning our older kids...

here are a few examples of my bitmoji

Hank and I answer all their texts with these..
it is quite addictive
mostly because they are so irritated with us haha

Allie, Eric and Gardner refuse to play with me
but Julianne, Chris and Kendyl finally created theirs ha!

me and Hank

Julianne and Chris
they have actually had some fun with it

and Kendyl finally responed!!
"Hot Diggity" is the name of our family text group haha

now Uncle John is addicted!!!!

oh he makes me laugh!!

Ok so I need to start acting like a Mom and get off this computer and go pick JD 
up from school early to leave for his travel swim meet!

made me laugh out loud
just sayin:)

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