Sunday, January 31, 2016

~What We've Been Up To~

the normal busy like everyone else:)

this a mess!
I walked into the kitchen and she is watching her ipad with a box on her head...
just a normal morning with this kid haha

I got home one morning and one of the chickens was squawking...very loudly
the last time this happened I worried that a fox or something was attacking..
ended up that the chicken just needed to lay an egg and the egg nest was full
so on this morning I felt sorry for the squawker and gathered the eggs that were in her way:)

Janie celebrated her 100th day of school

each child was given 100 pennies to spend at their carnival

it was such a fun afternoon
and yes this was my last 100th day celebration
at 52 I guess that should be overdue haha

John David had his middle school championship meet on Saturday
he swam in 3 events

the boy can dive....
he got 3rd place in 100 free
1st in 50 back 
and 1st in 200 free

he has one more meet next weekend to try to get a few more Southeastern times..
and then the big Southeastern Championship meet at the end of February..
he will have a short break until long course starts in March
the life of a swimmer:)

these things still make me laugh every time!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

~The Big Celebration~

Madeline's birthday was perfect for a 9 year old!
School was out for the big snow...
all one inch of it with clear roads
ha it is Memphis after all:)
3-8 inches, blizzard conditions was the forecast
the kids were not disappointed though
they played and played and played
great bday for Madeline

donuts with a candle :)

movies and popcorn in the morning
on a school day

playing in the snow

the aftermath of breakfast for dinner for the birthday girl with the whole family

Madeline and Kendyl getting their creative on the cake

still inspecting....has to be perfect:)

we called Janie the "maid of honor" all night
she helped with everything to make Madeline's night perfect
such a sweet little sister!

I LOVE the look on her face!
I'm sure thinking about what she is going to wish for:)


Allie nailed her card!
49% princess
51% rebel hahaha

Madeline loves loves loves Starwars:)

and the "maid of honor"?
she got trash bags for Madeline and cleaned up the wrapping paper...
as Madeline opened, so cute!

after dinner we played games
all of which Madeline was in charge of 
first was Sardines...
a backwards hide and seek game
(one person hides and the rest hide with that person as they find him or her)
this time it was the pantry
the last of all 10 were filing out as I was trying to get a picture haha

Next up was Charades (is that even how to spell it??)
anyway per Madeline's requirements we all had to be an animal
apparently snails, scorpions and slugs are animals
fun night:)
Happy birthday Madeline!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

~Happy 9th Birthday Madeline!~

9 years old!
She has been home for 8 plus years...
I cannot imagine my life without this precious child
my love for her is something fierce and protective
her need for understanding and love is big
she is complicated and beautifully made 
all wrapped up with a big bow of grace
in her 9 years she has made strides that many children never consider
I am so very proud of my girl
her big beautiful smile and twinkling eyes...
no words for that!

Madeline Nian 
we love and adore you so very very much
Happy Birthday my precious girl!

Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works.
My soul knows it very well.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pet Peeves and Other Weird Quirks......

As I drove the kids to school this morning
I was harassed by 2 of my many pet peeves ha

~wind shield wipers that wiggle, stick or streak~
~or when Hank refuses to use his at all CRINGE~
Hank replaced mine a few weeks ago
and they wiggle and stick constantly
I called him this morning and asked
"did you buy me the wiggle and stick style so I would stop using them?"
His response
"No they are the stubborn wife training model!"

on to more pet peeves....

~when exiting the school 
in the school zone
and peeps refuse to obey the speed limit
and fly past the entrance at 40mph~
makes me want to be Gomer Pyle and do the whole citizens arrest thing!

speaking of citizens arrest....

~ when peeps don't put up their shopping carts in the parking lot~
I mean really!!!
do you not realize some worker out there has to clean up after you???
makes me crazy..
I may be the one that wants to lean her head out the window and say
"excuse me, aren't you going to take that to it's designated place...
you know.... so some overworked person does not have to do it for you??"
but I'm never brave enough
I just smolder instead...

enough of the pet peeves
now the totally weird quirks that I have
I know Hank can add many many many more!

~I cannot not swim exactly 3000 meters~
I can go over but I cannot go under
I mean really does 2 more laps matter?
apparently they must because I just can't swim less
even if I am in a hurry
weird I know

~I drink my coffee in the exact same cup
even take it with me on vacation

~makes me crazy when anyone leaves anything on my kitchen counter by the sink~
anywhere else on the counter I can work through with deep breaths
but by the sink???
can't do it
it is like my work space sanctuary or something weird like that

~oh and you can't leave cups or dishes laying around~
they will be put in the dishwasher before you turn around...
when Eric lived with us before he and Allie got married
(brave soul, Allie was still in college and he had gotten his first job)
he left a note on his plate one morning that he was not finished with it yet
still makes me laugh!!

~I don't like to talk to ANYONE first thing in the morning~
I'm still not adjusted to Janie in the early morning
that child bounces out of bed full of energy
with joy all over her 
and I have to brace myself
for the non stop talking
I know I'm pathetic
this is how I feel

if she makes it til 6:15 and I have had a cup of coffee all is good in my world haha

~I am totally weird about my kitchen and hallway floors~
have to sweep, vacuum whatever every day
the rest of the house can get cluttered with all the after school, work, mail,
packages and stuff
and I can totally ignore
but my floors can't be dirty...
trust me my house is a disaster most days
but you won't find grass and dog hair on my floor...
or dishes on the counter haha 

now some bad facts about me

~ I struggle with reading with a kindergartner~
the struggle is real
like I feel like I'm going to pull my hair out
as I try so very hard to be upbeat and kind...

~I can't stand glitter in my house~
Madeline's favorite thing ever
I have to take a deep breath and close my eyes when I give in and let her create

~I'm not a good teacher~
easier to do it myself
I am a work in progress on this one!

~I'm not good with whining~
Deep breaths....deep breaths

~I'm not patient when asked multiple questions at one time~
can frazzle me in seconds
I laughed typing that cause it is so true! 
I want to say to everyone

Let's see what Hank has to add later???
I'm a bit scared to see!!! 

I have not taken many pics lately but got this one of us this past weekend at a wedding:)

it is always nice to have a date night:)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Do You Even Bitmoji???

Ok so we all know our family is slightly strange...
slightly may not be the correct adjective
a friend got me started using bitmoji's a few weeks ago
and we are TORMENTING our kids with it
meaning our older kids...

here are a few examples of my bitmoji

Hank and I answer all their texts with these..
it is quite addictive
mostly because they are so irritated with us haha

Allie, Eric and Gardner refuse to play with me
but Julianne, Chris and Kendyl finally created theirs ha!

me and Hank

Julianne and Chris
they have actually had some fun with it

and Kendyl finally responed!!
"Hot Diggity" is the name of our family text group haha

now Uncle John is addicted!!!!

oh he makes me laugh!!

Ok so I need to start acting like a Mom and get off this computer and go pick JD 
up from school early to leave for his travel swim meet!

made me laugh out loud
just sayin:)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016