Tuesday, December 29, 2015

~Pre Christmas Happenings~

I really love Christmas and all the fun
but I stress myself out a bit
I got started a bit earlier this year
and tried to get it all done in a more timely matter
it helped a bit....
but I have to quiet my thoughts each day approaching Christmas
and remember why we truly celebrate it
Christ and Christ only
all the other is so much fun
but I think that is why I get stressed
I try to make it "great" for everyone....
instead of focusing on Christ
I am going to do better next year!!!

So here are a few pics from the week before Christmas:)

My sister and brother in law
niece and her family
came over the weekend before Christmas

the crew

Janie with her 2nd cousin Max
he is so very sweet to my kiddos and just a year and a half older than John David
funny how life turns out
Max is my niece Andie's son
she is my niece from Jeff's side of the family...
Andie was Allie's very first babysitter when she was 12 years old
now we have kids around the same age as her own
mine being younger
joke is on me!!! hahaha

my sweet Andie with her daughter Lily
they look EXACTLY alike!!
Lily is 9 which is how old Andie was when she was in my and Jeff's wedding:)

my peeps..
never a dull moment with these 2!!

truly this is so funny!!
I hear klunking and turn around to see M in these shoes
funny thing is that Kendyl had to wear these in a wedding
wonder why they ended up in my house??? ha

I don't even remember where Janie and John David were
but Madeline and I found ourselves at home alone one day...
this girl LOVES to be in the kitchen
(unlike her mother...I do it out of necessity:)
she was so very excited to get to cook with me by herself
I love love love time alone with each of my kids!

this day I will remember forever!

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