Tuesday, December 29, 2015

~Madeline's Christmas Program 2015~

So I'm playing catch up as usual!!
Madeline had her sweet program a few weeks ago
and I never got around to posting her pics!
wonder why???
must have had something to do with Christmas ha!

making her entrance and I can feel her anxiety
sweet girl...

I still can't believe she is able to do this, she does not like to be the center of attention or 
have people watching her,
she handled it like a champ:)

at the end of the program during the last song all alums from the elementary school are asked to grab a candle and participate
I cannot believe these 3 will be in high school next year!!!

Madeline was so excited to get her pic taken with everyone
warmed my soul!

John David would not give the camera back ha

Madeline was so excited that Carly got to come!

love this pic so much!

M with her school 5th grade buddy Reagan

M's teacher Mrs. Garrett has been such a blessing to us this year
Madeline adores her!!

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