Thursday, December 31, 2015

~Last But Not Least of Christmas 2015~

Every year we get together with Jeff's side of the family
all the cousins love seeing each other since all the Adams are out of town now
they grew up seeing each other every single weekend:)
my littles don't even question how they are related
they just know them as Aunts, Uncles and cousins...
I know
we are very very blessed

We were happy to have Allie and Eric back from Colorado:)

part of the crew

Janie was determined to get a selfie with her socks showing lol

awesome photo bomb Chris and John David!!

we could not find any of the big kids when we were getting ready to pray before dinner..
all crammed into our little office watching Bad Lip Reading of Star Wars!
It is so funny!!!

 Mimi opening her gift
every year we play dirty santa with "as seen on tv" gifts...
we get quite obnoxious
Madeline and Janie look forward to this night more than any part of Christmas:)

Eric got a cat paw
it meows and moves
of course it was a big hit and was stolen many times

can't you tell JD is excited
his 3way poncho got stolen by Austin

cat paw....

now JD is sad he can't model the 3 way poncho

these hair extensions were a big hit haha

and Allie left with the coveted selfie stick
we are one obnoxious family!

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