Thursday, December 31, 2015

~Christmas Day 2015~

Our Christmas was a bit different this year
Allie and Eric were in Colorado with Eric's family
and Carly and her brother Stephen were with us..
we sure missed Allie and Eric 
and loved having Carly and Stephen...
as usual all things with Carly are bittersweet
she has become such an important part of our family
yet I get so sad reflecting on all her losses
and Stephen, well the best big brother ever!
Ryan had to work all night on Christmas Eve so we weren't able to see him:(

Our Christmas Eve slumber party was a bit different this year too
Since Allie and Eric were out of town, Julianne and Chris spent the night with his family
so just Gardner and Kendyl had  got to slumber with us...
next year we will have the whole crew again:)
that is just how it goes with married children
all the parents take turns with their kids
I have to say we are so spoiled with all the in laws
we all try to make it as unstressful (is that a word?) for our kids as we can
they all have a bunch of family to see and we all work together
arranging our times for meals etc so it works for everyone
guilt trips are a no no:)
we are blessed to have them in town as it is!!

Madeline's smile makes me laugh
does that not say "MOOOOOOOOM let us go already!!!"
and Gardner....that beard!!!

and she is out of the blocks

so much joy:)

love this kid!

Carly checking out her Santa stash:)

ok so Kendyl and Gardner win the good sibling award this year!!
Kendyl was all about helping with Madeline's cotton candy machine
and putting all of Janie's horses together
Gardner and John David disappeared upstairs to install his graphics card 

once Julianne and Chris got home we were trying to get everyone in the living room to open presents
these two were glued to some Christmas program haha

back to the cotton candy machine
we ate a lot of candy all day long:)

only Janie sports her new robe and roller skates at the same time:)

Goldbug had the best day ever playing with Stephen's puppy Knox...
unfortunately this is the only picture I have of Stephen....his legs!!!

We had a nice lazy day
ate too much food
watched football and Christmas movies!!

One more post to go!!!
The Wright/Mounce/Ward/Adams annual get together with cousins!

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