Thursday, November 5, 2015

~My Madeline~

EIGHT years ago today we met this precious child!

Madeline had only been home a few days when I took this pic:)

my big girl playing in our ongoing outdoor construction:)

I have so many thoughts on what this simple little word means 
and simple has nothing to do with adoption

Adoption is
 wonderful, hard, beautiful, heart wrenching,
soul building, glorious
sorrowful, joyful
nail biting roller coaster ride
the deepest peace you can imagine
all encompassing
fearful, hopeful

Adoption is
plain and simple
with Jesus written all over it!

I cannot imagine our family without this fiery, deep thinking, hard loving, precious child!!
Madeline we love you as big as the sky and the clouds!
we thank you for opening our hearts to the miracle of Adoption! 

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