Saturday, November 14, 2015

~Halloween 2015~

Halloween happened so fast this year!
we did not even carve our pumpkins:(
the kids did not notice thankfully!

First off was the Halloween party at the club
made them take a pic before we left:)
JD was a practice and could care less that he was missing it:)

costume competition:)

next up school parties
I only got one pic since I was helping with pumpkin decorating
which included words for that haha!
I did not get a pic of Janie since I was helping with Madeline's party:(

Now for our big night
every year families come over for a quick dinner
and off to trick or treat on the hayride!

I got the boys to pose before they went to their own party
they are officially to old for our crowd:)
For those of you who watch  Parks and Rec 
John David went as Bert Maclin:) 

the big girls!
Janie had her friend Kennedi with her but I could never get them to slow down enough
for a pic!!

constant motion
at this house the dog brought out the basket of candy
so so cute!!

our redneck tractor driver

and of course the aftermath
the ONLY pic I have with Janie and Kennedi in it!!
Ha they were finally still to count their candy:)

such a fun night!

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