Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Janie the Deer Hunter?????

Janie was just a bit excited to be going hunting with her Daddy the first time:)
her excitement was short lived
seeing as she asked her Dad when it was time to go within 5 minutes haha

This morning I asked her if she wanted to go hunting again....
She quickly answered
 "No, all you do is sit in a box until it gets dark outside, plus it makes me have to go pee pee" 
she is my child!

This is what Hank had to say about his experience with Janie.....

First, let's clarify "hunter" which in my case means more like "watcher".  We aren't very mad at them.  We just like to plant food for them and watch.

I talked to Janie about being very quiet and no talking all the way to the stand.  About half way there we got out of the golf cart and at the top of her lungs she says, "are we there yet?"  Good grief.
Then I carefully instructed Janie to either walk beside me or just behind me.  I noticed her footsteps were much louder than mine and so I looked back and she was stomping along.  We stopped and had a coaching session about how to step lightly.  All went well for about 100 feet when everything got really noisy again.  This time I looked back and she was shuffling her feet and enjoying pushing a pile of leaves in front of each foot... with each shuffle.  Again we had a coaching session about how to walk quietly and concentrate on staying right beside or behind dad.  Then I noticed how quietly she was walking...feeling proud of how she had learned to walk quietly... to be unseen... to be unheard.  Then it hit me.... She's not even with me.  Something had caught her attention and she had just veered away.  She was behind me and out in the field about 100 feet away pulling up soybean plants and stuffing them in her pockets.  Good grief.  Once in the stand she waited no less than 1 minute and said "are we done?"  She was disappointed to hear that we were staying until dark for sure.  We saw 18 deer and she showed virtually no interest.  The first thing she said when we got home was, "Carly, make sure you never go deer hunting with daddy.  All you do is walk real far, sit in a cold box until it is dark time, and you can't talk.  It's terrible."  Or in Janie speak "it's tewwable".

Saturday, November 14, 2015

~Halloween 2015~

Halloween happened so fast this year!
we did not even carve our pumpkins:(
the kids did not notice thankfully!

First off was the Halloween party at the club
made them take a pic before we left:)
JD was a practice and could care less that he was missing it:)

costume competition:)

next up school parties
I only got one pic since I was helping with pumpkin decorating
which included words for that haha!
I did not get a pic of Janie since I was helping with Madeline's party:(

Now for our big night
every year families come over for a quick dinner
and off to trick or treat on the hayride!

I got the boys to pose before they went to their own party
they are officially to old for our crowd:)
For those of you who watch  Parks and Rec 
John David went as Bert Maclin:) 

the big girls!
Janie had her friend Kennedi with her but I could never get them to slow down enough
for a pic!!

constant motion
at this house the dog brought out the basket of candy
so so cute!!

our redneck tractor driver

and of course the aftermath
the ONLY pic I have with Janie and Kennedi in it!!
Ha they were finally still to count their candy:)

such a fun night!

Carly's Daddy

Carly's dad was inducted into the Collierville Hall of Fame in October

it was such a special night for Carly's family
seeing their dad honored for his dedication
to the city of Collierville as a LaCrosse coach
he was instrumental in starting and maintaining the sport
all because Carly became interested in the sport in middle school
he was that kind of dad:)

Carly with her brothers Stephen and Ryan...
Stephen being the oldest accepted the award and was about to bolt from the stage
~public speaking is NOT his thing~
Ryan, the quiet non assuming middle child, nonchalantly took the mic
said the most honest and meaningful words about his dad and mom...
It was a very special night for these kids!
I was so very proud of them
to say it was emotional is an understatement
Carl and Cathy would be so very proud of their awesome kids!!

the kids with their grandparents, aunts and uncles!

a few of the lacrosse girls:)

I did not get a pic of our huge group there to honor Carl
so many friends from their high school days!

we are often asked how Carly is doing???
She is doing so well
she is gaining independence and confidence,
I am amazed by her ability to adjust to her new normal
I have no idea what God has planned for her but it is something special for sure!

Lame Blogger

That would be me...
the lame blogger
I have been so unmotivated in posting our everyday
it started this past summer when our everyday was not so pretty...
then I got out of the habit of  keeping up with documenting our days
then I just got plain lazy!

The kids love looking back on the blog so I am going to try to catch up a bit
even though I feel like this....

Would it not be great to be a pet???
I'm just sayin...
peeps taking care of your every need
lounging around watching them work around you...
I was outside refinishing our table and looked up to see
Goldbug lazily watching me haha!

All that to say I am going to make myself sit down and document
our days even if they are just iphone pics
~that seems to be my new norm these days~

tomorrow we are taking our crazy Christmas pic
our plan for this year is making me laugh out loud right now
I just hope it works!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

~It's All About Madeline~

This has not been the best year for our Madeline
lots that can't really be shared publicly
she is doing so much better
for that we are so thankful....
if I have to choose a word to describe her I'd say
(is that even a word?)
Sometimes our most difficult child to raise is loved in a deeper way
we are required to dig deep for this special child
she is worth every bit it takes
she has made me a better wife, mother, friend and confidant
I search for God in a deeper way because of her...
she is one special child

this afternoon she FINALLY agreed to let me take some pics of her
it has been a long long time
I did have to bribe but it was worth it:)

she can wear a messy bun like no one else in the world:)

part of the bribe was that she could bring her beloved stuffed animal

goodness those eyes!

my favorite one!!

waving bye bye and saying "I'm out of here" haha!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

~My Madeline~

EIGHT years ago today we met this precious child!

Madeline had only been home a few days when I took this pic:)

my big girl playing in our ongoing outdoor construction:)

I have so many thoughts on what this simple little word means 
and simple has nothing to do with adoption

Adoption is
 wonderful, hard, beautiful, heart wrenching,
soul building, glorious
sorrowful, joyful
nail biting roller coaster ride
the deepest peace you can imagine
all encompassing
fearful, hopeful

Adoption is
plain and simple
with Jesus written all over it!

I cannot imagine our family without this fiery, deep thinking, hard loving, precious child!!
Madeline we love you as big as the sky and the clouds!
we thank you for opening our hearts to the miracle of Adoption!