Wednesday, October 21, 2015

~Hank's Pumpkin Patch~

Hank has worked very hard on his pumpkin patch this year....

I posted this on instagram during the summer:)

This past weekend we had our great pumpkin harvest!

we invited some of the kids friends and families
picked pumpkins and roasted hotdogs and smores

Tyler is explaining to Hank why he needs to put his pumpkin in a bag
"so those prinklers won't hurt me" haha

Mr. Hank is a softie:)

I realized I was missing Jacob and found him working the land
he said "how come you have nice sand in your yard?" haha

a man and his pumkins:)

I think Jacob stole his brother's bag
yes, Courtney there was a hole in the front:)

someone is a teenager and does not like his picture taken anymore:)

that is one big ole harvest

Carly and Blake watched over the stash

only Carly can strike a pose with a bunch of pumpkins!:)

Hanky here's to a successful harvest!! 

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