Saturday, October 24, 2015

Finally Swimming....

   I am finally back to swimming
but enough about me...haha

this is about JD
 as his friends call him:)
he will always be John David to me

He is working so hard this season!
lots of time in the pool trying to make his times for Southeastern...
He is swimming his second meet of the short course season this weekend
Hank and I got to go tonight sans girls (thank you Carly!)
it is nice to concentrate on one child sometimes!

We were able to sit back and watch without disruption
(of which I will have many tomorrow:)
so probably no pics of the meet in the morning!

goodness I can't even imagine diving like that!

he got his best time in 50 and 500 free tonight

and 100 back:)

I know this means not a thing to most peeps
but a 50 is basically 2 lengths
and 500 is 20 lengths...
John David and I figured it out tonight that I can swim 12 lengths in the time he can swim 24 haha!
yeah I can only dream of swimming like him
geez these kids work so hard for 100th's of a second......really!

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