Tuesday, September 29, 2015

~Homecoming 2015~

Carly was nominated to the homecoming court this month
so it has been a flurry of dress shopping
and all other things homecoming related

It was such a special night for her!!!

gorgeous girl!

I LOVE that Madeline wanted a pic with Carly!

Senior girls on the court

Carly with her escort

So fun!!

the rest of our crew was there too
but it was kinda crazy so this is all we got together:)

Carly's brothers!
Love this pic so much!!
Stephen came in town and Ryan got out of his comfort zone to be there for their sister!!

I love this pic of Carly and Blake
exactly what high school memories are made of:)

I have so many emotions when I think of Carly...
this girl
she lives that life that no one can imagine for their child
the loss of both parents and her entire family as she knew it
she is living her life
with humility 
honoring her parents in every way she conducts herself
I could not be any prouder of her!!!!
We love you sweet Carly!!!

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