Thursday, September 17, 2015

~Another Life Lately Iphone Dump~

Yeah so I didn't brush the dust off my camera yet...
oh well someday I will:)

after MANY try-ons this was the favorite dress for Homecoming court:)
Yes Carly is on the Homecoming Court her senior much fun!!

Janie and her bff Caroline's first soccer game!
notice who else in in the pic smiling...MADELINE whooo hoooo
first time in months that she willingly jumped into a pic...yay Madeline!

Janie got to ride a horse at a party

the girl's playmate came for Sunday dinner....
everything is more fun with Juju!

Madeline is giving "directions"
which were quickly ignored by her "students" lol

Julianne and Janie both made a hopscotch, the last square is "jump 10 times"

Janie on her hopscotch,
let me just say it was one crazy hopscotch:)

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