Tuesday, September 29, 2015

~Homecoming 2015~

Carly was nominated to the homecoming court this month
so it has been a flurry of dress shopping
and all other things homecoming related

It was such a special night for her!!!

gorgeous girl!

I LOVE that Madeline wanted a pic with Carly!

Senior girls on the court

Carly with her escort

So fun!!

the rest of our crew was there too
but it was kinda crazy so this is all we got together:)

Carly's brothers!
Love this pic so much!!
Stephen came in town and Ryan got out of his comfort zone to be there for their sister!!

I love this pic of Carly and Blake
exactly what high school memories are made of:)

I have so many emotions when I think of Carly...
this girl
she lives that life that no one can imagine for their child
the loss of both parents and her entire family as she knew it
she is living her life
with humility 
honoring her parents in every way she conducts herself
I could not be any prouder of her!!!!
We love you sweet Carly!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

~Mississippi State~

Okay so we have been trying to get to a  Mississippi State game for 2 years!
Chris's sister Anna is cheering for her third year and we finally went
....about time!
Madeline is not so enjoyable to be around when in a crowded place
~just keepin it real~
but despite the attitude and behavior we managed to enjoy ourselves
and had a few laughs as well

we started off with Carly having to use a porta potty
oh my heavens no!!!...

I love this sweet pic of  Janie at lunch:)

we got to see Anna before the game
both girls were so excited:)

Carly and John David are such good buddies!
I cannot tell you how much Carly adds to our family!

Janie was refusing to smile so Ju and Anna were trying to make her:)

oh my goodness this pic makes me laugh!!

John David is perfecting his "girl" pose lol

I love this pic so so much!

I love these two girls so much!
they sure put up with a lot!!

oh my this child STUDIED those cheerleaders and started practicing!!
we went down to the sidelines to see Anna and she got to hold her pompoms:)
that's a big deal to a 6 year old!!
(of course I forgot to bring my phone to take a pic)

yep I think I know what I want to be when I grow up:)

after the porta potty fun with Carly, Hank texted her this pic tonight..

oh my they have too much fun with each other!!

so not to leave anything out for the day...
Hank separated part of his shoulder last weekend running the trails
yeah picture falling and rolling...
then running the last 7 just cause...
so anyway he is in a bit of pain to say the least

because he is not his usual "let's keep this family going" self
I forgot a few things
um paid for ice at the gas station but did not get it
we drive about 5 miles and I'm like "did you grab the ice?"
(with your separated shoulder)
he is like "um what?"
we drive back and get it..
get to lunch late and the discussion of where our seats are comes up....
blank look on my face
realization that I forgot our tickets
(husband with unseparated shoulder usually asks me a thousand times if I remembered said tickets)
I don't say anything to Hank until I find my email receipt
Chris comes to the rescue and calls a friend...
he prints them out for us
I am saved from myself

Thursday, September 17, 2015

~Another Life Lately Iphone Dump~

Yeah so I didn't brush the dust off my camera yet...
oh well someday I will:)

after MANY try-ons this was the favorite dress for Homecoming court:)
Yes Carly is on the Homecoming Court her senior much fun!!

Janie and her bff Caroline's first soccer game!
notice who else in in the pic smiling...MADELINE whooo hoooo
first time in months that she willingly jumped into a pic...yay Madeline!

Janie got to ride a horse at a party

the girl's playmate came for Sunday dinner....
everything is more fun with Juju!

Madeline is giving "directions"
which were quickly ignored by her "students" lol

Julianne and Janie both made a hopscotch, the last square is "jump 10 times"

Janie on her hopscotch,
let me just say it was one crazy hopscotch:)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

~Life Lately~ Iphone Dump

We have survived the first weeks of school
all the kids are settled in well
my house no longer resembles a war zone:)

I had a dream last night that I could not get my camera to work
probably because I have not used it all summer
(only my phone for pics)
so I am going to dust that baby off and start playing with it again
and that is a big IF 
the girls will cooperate!!
so we will just have to see about that!

so for now a few iphone pics of this past week:)

Janie and Caroline are so cute together!!
I imagine many many years of fun times with this sweet friend!

and this smile of Madelines......
we are seeing a lot more of it lately:)

only John David thinks about Halloween in August
is this not awesome???

we figure this will be his last year to go as a trick or treater
so he is going big hahaha!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!