Sunday, August 23, 2015


I have been a bit incognito lately
too many things going on in our family to share publicly:)
but life rolls on and for that I'm thankful...

here are a few life lately pics!

celebrating Julianne's 24th birthday

hanging at the pool!

Goldbug and her niece Winnie (Allie and Eric's doggie)

oh Goldbug we love you!!

starting school
JD's goober look
yes, he is over me taking a "first day of school" pic

the hooligans heading out for their first day of school!

totally missed the first day of school pic of Carly 
seeing as she leaves at 6:20 every morning
so a Home Depot shot will have to do:)
I am up...
just not functioning well 
Carly and I just kind of grunt at each other in the mornings lol!!

these two can make a great fruit pizza
and Janie...
she always comes up with some "unique" outfit!!
hoping she will be embarrassed some day
and still not wanting to dress like this!! haha
probably not!

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