Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Girl and Her Bunny.....

I arrived home from physical therapy in the nick of time!
as I rounded the corner of the driveway 
I caught a glimpse of Janie in one of her funky getups
pulling her bunny from the cage
and putting him in her baby carriage

when asked why she was dressed so warmly
in 95 degrees
she replied
"so Fluffy won't scratch me or get her hair on me"
smart girl....

I love every funky little idea she has!!
and I have to agree with her...
I'm a bit ready for fall weather as well minus the bunny hair:)

Hank was home one afternoon playing with the girls outside
he texted me that if there was an afterlife
he would never want to come back as one of our bunnies haha

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