Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In Need of a Laugh!

Life is still a bit "off"
so I thought I'd share a good laugh!

poor Ralph had to go to the groomer yesterday
his owner, who we won't name names, has not been brushing him...

but I'm such a great Mom so I'll share haha!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015


I have been a bit incognito lately
too many things going on in our family to share publicly:)
but life rolls on and for that I'm thankful...

here are a few life lately pics!

celebrating Julianne's 24th birthday

hanging at the pool!

Goldbug and her niece Winnie (Allie and Eric's doggie)

oh Goldbug we love you!!

starting school
JD's goober look
yes, he is over me taking a "first day of school" pic

the hooligans heading out for their first day of school!

totally missed the first day of school pic of Carly 
seeing as she leaves at 6:20 every morning
so a Home Depot shot will have to do:)
I am up...
just not functioning well 
Carly and I just kind of grunt at each other in the mornings lol!!

these two can make a great fruit pizza
and Janie...
she always comes up with some "unique" outfit!!
hoping she will be embarrassed some day
and still not wanting to dress like this!! haha
probably not!

Sunday, August 16, 2015


When you are the mother of 7  
you spend a few nights in the hospital....

last night was one of those nights

Madeline has had some ongoing stomach issues that lead us to the ER yesterday
and then admission
we believe the GI doc has it figured out
so that is worth a nights stay in the hospital in my book!
we will follow up with her next week

M was on a liquid diet only for 24 hours
was released to eat late morning and......
being released to go home later this afternoon whoop whoop

just in time for Julianne's birthday celebration!
My original baby is 24!!!!
happy birthday (yesterday:) Juju!!

the Memphis view from LeBonheur Hospital

and just for a few shots to show that not every single day has been stressful :)
Summer fun!!

                                                            catching baby frogs....
example of unlucky frog.....

Thursday, August 13, 2015


OK so I never got around to posting about Columbus!!
Janie and I headed there on July 8th just one day after we returned from Wyoming
with a cast on, one and a half weeks after my surgery
geez...sometimes I realize how dumb I am after the fact!!

Anyway we went for Janie's checkup with our favorite Dr Levitt
he moved from Cincinnati to Columbus so we had to jump through all the hoops to move everything
for example she had to have the whole "under anesthesia let's see how things look" procedure.
All is well:)

Our other main reason for going was for laxative training
unfortunately we failed in that area
just could not find the right recipe for her
too many trips to the potty
during the day
and night
and then life kinda fell apart once we got home...

So we are back to our normal and she has embraced it well
she is clean all day long every day
amen to that
she is happy
that makes Mommy happy:)

Best of all we met some wonderful families while there...
we were fortunate enough to stay at the Ronald McDonald House
right across the street from the hospital
that is a big deal when you have to have an xray daily
doctor meetings daily
tests or procedures daily
you get the idea...
plus you have the opportunity to bond with families going through the same process
and bond we did:)

this is how to travel in style
by yourself
with a 6 year old
for a week of testing
I know
I'm dumb
the original plan was to bring Madeline too
nuff said

she was out in seconds
she was totally worn out due to her anxiety about what was going to happen
poor thing

Janie got to see exactly what Julianne does every day in child life:)
this peach of a test was a contrast enema
she was the champ
afterwards not so much
but neither would I 
put it this way....
how would you feel going to a 2 hour doctors appointment to meet with the team
colorectal, gynecology, urology
all the while having bathroom issues....
not fun
plus trying to figure out how to get her to drink citracel 3 times a day that same day
fun times
she was a champ!
mom not so much....

first big purchase
I felt sorry for her
and yes I did think about how in the world would we carry that thing...
along with all our other things
through the airport with one working arm
it worked
but it was not pretty:)

Nationwide Children's Hospital is awesome!!!

so is the Ronald McDonald House
it has a princess room

Ronald was so awesome
the nicest guy ever meeting all the kiddos during lunch!
the only downside of RMH is that you can't have food in your room
kind of hard with a child
it is not a hotel
think nice dorm room
with inspections haha
but with awesome volunteers that make your day with big ole smiles
and always ready to help in any way they can.
Janie and I were at a mall, the sales clerk asked why we were visiting
when I explained our situation she said that she and a friend have been on the waiting list
yes a waiting list
to help prepare dinner at the Ronald McDonald House:)
pretty cool!

the kiddo crew
what awesome kids they are
Janie, Abby, Aaron, Meili and James
It was so nice to see Janie grasp that other children deal with the same issues she does!

Janie is in love with Abby!!!

and Meili

goodness I miss these kids!!
Aaron and Abby would take Janie out to the playground behind RMH
while all the Moms talked and helped each other
it was so special

this is what happens after you help your mom carry all your new toys through the airport:)

The laxative training may not have worked for Janie at this time
but that does not mean it is not an option for her at a later time
maturity helps a lot
this trip was not a waste of time
we had a great check up
and are officially back with Dr Levitt:)
met some lifelong friends
and most of all helped Janie gain the experience that other children are born just like her
and they are just as awesome as she is:)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Girl and Her Bunny.....

I arrived home from physical therapy in the nick of time!
as I rounded the corner of the driveway 
I caught a glimpse of Janie in one of her funky getups
pulling her bunny from the cage
and putting him in her baby carriage

when asked why she was dressed so warmly
in 95 degrees
she replied
"so Fluffy won't scratch me or get her hair on me"
smart girl....

I love every funky little idea she has!!
and I have to agree with her...
I'm a bit ready for fall weather as well minus the bunny hair:)

Hank was home one afternoon playing with the girls outside
he texted me that if there was an afterlife
he would never want to come back as one of our bunnies haha