Saturday, July 11, 2015

Wyoming.....I Phone Dump

We traveled to Wyoming over the 4th of July weekend to visit Granddaddy. Our trips to Wyoming have been eventful to say the least.When we went 4 years ago Madeline was in an accident at the parade, broke her arm and had emergency surgery.....while I stayed the night at the hospital with her John David was back at the house with a stomach bug with times. We survived and made it home in one piece though one person had some pins to hold her together:)

We had higher hopes this year and it was much more enjoyable than 4 years ago! Other than some issues with Madeline we still laughed a lot. I think Carly and I won the "dumb things said award"! I will get Hank to add the comments since I can't even remember them they were so dumb...but we laughed alot!!

Here are a few of them....

While driving by hayfields in Wyoming Hank asked the kids to guess the weight of the round bales of alfalfa hay in the fields and John David guessed 2 tons.  Carly said, "No way they weigh 2 tons.  They might weigh 5000 pounds or so but not 2 tons".   Having some trouble with conversions perhaps?

An Asian couple was watching the girls in the airport while our flight was delayed and began talking to us and asking about the girls.  Hank asked the lady where she was from and she said "Singapore".  Right then, Janie raised her hand and said, "hey what about me, where am I from?".  As if we haven't told her.

While waiting for our flight, I asked the girls if they needed to go to the bathroom before we boarded. Madeline didn't seem to be paying attention so I asked her again if she needed to go.  She paused and got this funny look on her face and said, "no, I just tried and couldn't so I don't need to".  Wow.....good thing she didn't need to.

Now remember I was casted then as I am now so I did not even think about bringing my camera seeing at that requires 2 hands. I should have gotten my cast signed by all the locals in Wyoming and Ohio! So here is my photo dump!!!

So we made it safely through 2 flights

we look like the Clampits (is that even how you spell their name?)
Hank wanted to drive the long way through Chief Joseph highway and Sunlight Basin
I thought it may be a bit too long of a day.....
It was beautiful
But I was right
We may have had a few issues
just sayin
Carly and I decided it was somewhat like a horror movie
think throw up and tantrums

We stopped for lunch

Randomly stopped in some gorgeous places (Chief Joseph scenic Highway)

and finally arrived at Granddaddy's outside of Cody, WY :)

this is the view from his back porch!!!

one evening I sat out back listening to John David and Carly discussing the cows across the river
teenagers can be so so funny!!

We went to the shoot out at the Irma Hotel in Cody.  They have this every night.  This hotel was built by Buffalo Bill Cody and named after his daughter - Irma.

as you can see Madeline is missing from most of the pics
totally unwilling....sigh

next up was the 4th of July parade
no one was hurt thankfully:)

                                                         love this pic of these two!!!
can you see the theme with M???

There is a river below Granddaddy's house
I love this pic so much!!

last up was the Rodeo
which is super cool!!!

then just hanging in town

                                                           girlfriend is a trip!!!

we took this making fun of Carly taking selfies
Yeah we are embarrassing!

Carly has the patience of Job
Janie braided her hair almost the entire 2 hour drive to the airport!

goodness they look so cute together
hard to believe they almost killed each other a few minutes prior haha

when you are stuck at an airport for 8 hours you find anything to entertain yourselves with

now how many of us mothers
sigh when we look at our sleeping babes?
sighs of relief
sighs of sadness due to our own impatience
sighs of contentment

Very thankful we were able to spend this time with Granddaddy!!!
He is such a sweet man....

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