Thursday, June 4, 2015

~Pensacola~ 2015 Family Pics

You know how you see lovely pictures of large families and think "they look so happy, precious children, life looks perfect".........

I'll share a few before pics just to prove we are not that family....

notice Madeline's crossed arms...
she got mad at Janie for some unknown reason
and was about to take her down
started with some sand
the rest of us have the "oh no please not now" look!

Oh yes now!
I think some sand was kicked at this point
Kendyl is stepping in
I was one step away from taking someone else down...

a little recovery
M still has her sights on the "evil doer"(not)

full recovery now.....

well not quite

yay finally
who knew we were all about to explode the camera haha

this is why the kids cooperated
we promised joke pics

Janie totally cracks me up!!

Madeline and Janie got this down to a fine art!!

finally with Ma Kitty and Jim!!

You will most likely see this again as our Christmas picture!!
We do have a plan for our joke Christmas pic
and it is hilarious if we can pull it off...

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