Saturday, June 6, 2015

Last of Pensacola 2015!!

 A bit of background Aunt Gay always takes a family pic when she is able to come to the beach with us....always......she sets her timer.....sometimes multiple times......we have quite a few family pics with her rear end running to get in the pic haha!

keep in mind, she is 70 and still runs!

oops timer didn't work

final product:)

and last pics of the whole crew enjoying the beach!!

brother and sister reading

I'm pretty sure JD is saying not to take his pic but I don't ever get any of him
yeah he is officially 13:)

lol Kendyl is posing for Gardner to check the lighting

the crab that saved Madeline from herself (great distraction from a melt down)

enters Allie the crab queen
A little more background here.....
When Allie was growing up she was a bit of a know it all
(she agrees with this statement now:)
she received a crab for her birthday when she was in 3rd grade
her dad explains to her to be careful, they can pinch hard, hold your hand flat!
her response "oh I know how to hold crabs" as she cradles it in her hand
about 30 seconds later she is screaming and it took us 5 minutes to get it to release....
she listened to her dad the next time:)

notice she keeps the sand in her hands as an adult
she laughs at this story now!

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