Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Janie's First Swim Meet of the Season!!!

I'd better post this before Janie has her second meet on Thursday:). Janie is so all about swimming this year! She looks forward to practice every day and swims the entire hour without one complaint! Madeline, not so much. Swimming is a bit overwhelming for Madeline so we have let her chose to practice or just play.....meets are definitely not her thing but she is a big help, she gave out ribbons:)

posing for her Mom before the meet:)

she was ready to go!! I sure missed John David!
He and Hank were fishing,
he is such a good coach for her:)

all the bigs came to support miss j!


showing her ribbons to her friends:)

Julianne took this pic....I love it so much!!!

the team after the big win was announced
I love that Madeline is right there in the middle of them!!!

if the team wins they get to throw their coach in...
they were ALL about that:)

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