Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Janie's First Swim Meet of the Season!!!

I'd better post this before Janie has her second meet on Thursday:). Janie is so all about swimming this year! She looks forward to practice every day and swims the entire hour without one complaint! Madeline, not so much. Swimming is a bit overwhelming for Madeline so we have let her chose to practice or just play.....meets are definitely not her thing but she is a big help, she gave out ribbons:)

posing for her Mom before the meet:)

she was ready to go!! I sure missed John David!
He and Hank were fishing,
he is such a good coach for her:)

all the bigs came to support miss j!


showing her ribbons to her friends:)

Julianne took this pic....I love it so much!!!

the team after the big win was announced
I love that Madeline is right there in the middle of them!!!

if the team wins they get to throw their coach in...
they were ALL about that:)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

John David Got a Break....

 John David got a break ....
from the girls and swim:)
so did Dad

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Last of Pensacola 2015!!

 A bit of background Aunt Gay always takes a family pic when she is able to come to the beach with us....always......she sets her timer.....sometimes multiple times......we have quite a few family pics with her rear end running to get in the pic haha!

keep in mind, she is 70 and still runs!

oops timer didn't work

final product:)

and last pics of the whole crew enjoying the beach!!

brother and sister reading

I'm pretty sure JD is saying not to take his pic but I don't ever get any of him
yeah he is officially 13:)

lol Kendyl is posing for Gardner to check the lighting

the crab that saved Madeline from herself (great distraction from a melt down)

enters Allie the crab queen
A little more background here.....
When Allie was growing up she was a bit of a know it all
(she agrees with this statement now:)
she received a crab for her birthday when she was in 3rd grade
her dad explains to her to be careful, they can pinch hard, hold your hand flat!
her response "oh I know how to hold crabs" as she cradles it in her hand
about 30 seconds later she is screaming and it took us 5 minutes to get it to release....
she listened to her dad the next time:)

notice she keeps the sand in her hands as an adult
she laughs at this story now!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

~Pensacola~ 2015 Family Pics

You know how you see lovely pictures of large families and think "they look so happy, precious children, life looks perfect".........

I'll share a few before pics just to prove we are not that family....

notice Madeline's crossed arms...
she got mad at Janie for some unknown reason
and was about to take her down
started with some sand
the rest of us have the "oh no please not now" look!

Oh yes now!
I think some sand was kicked at this point
Kendyl is stepping in
I was one step away from taking someone else down...

a little recovery
M still has her sights on the "evil doer"(not)

full recovery now.....

well not quite

yay finally
who knew we were all about to explode the camera haha

this is why the kids cooperated
we promised joke pics

Janie totally cracks me up!!

Madeline and Janie got this down to a fine art!!

finally with Ma Kitty and Jim!!

You will most likely see this again as our Christmas picture!!
We do have a plan for our joke Christmas pic
and it is hilarious if we can pull it off...

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

~Pensacola 2015~IPhone Dump

Gardner decided that we needed to have a "book club" at the beach......

John David and Carly were the lucky ones that got to ride with Julianne and Chris
this is how you travel a few miles in a full car til you can ride where there is room

it took Madeline about 30 seconds to get her suit on when we arrived!

JD and Janie are such great buddies

our first Bachelor "reading"
my goodness the laughter that first night.....
turned to falling asleep the next few nights
we quit

cards games, card games and card games
so fun!!

we had to watch some Bachelorette for great entertainment...
I fell asleep:)

now this girlfriend decided to give us a show
she will only pose like this for Kendyl!!
She made her entrance down the stairs like a princess
so cute!!!
After her show she wanted to give funny!!

yep, body autographs!

these two are great buds too!

our selfie taking family pics...
Janie is too short to be seen haha
Ma Kitty and Jim did not understand the whole "selfie" thing

sweet buddies
Eric spent way more time playing with kids than he bargained for
they love love love their big siblings

Ju and Carly lightened their hair with lemon
wish that still worked on grey:)

and lastly the big ole putt game
John David's shirt is wet since he was killed while playing assassins
oh my goodness we had so much fun playing it!!
each person is texted their "target" by the master
then texted when the game begins
you can be assassinated with a spoon, water bottle or hose
most of us were quite competitive.....
a few runs down the beach to take someone out
Eric may or may not have thrown Julianne over his shoulder yelling "disarmed"
I may or may not have assassinated my own son while helping him get his dad
Julianne may or may not have slept with her spoon....
you get the picture
so much fun!!

this putt putt picture looks like an band cover!!

I love this pic so much!!!

goodness they look like sisters!!

We had such a nice vacation
minimal fussing and whining:)
well maybe Hank did a little.....
not true
it is a great treat to be able to have everyone together
I will say I bet the big kids sure enjoyed beingt in their quiet houses when we got home:)