Wednesday, May 20, 2015

SO MUCH....To Catch Up On!!

The past month has been a blur, lots of fun stuff going on!

First up a trip for me to Chicago
with some high school friends:)
Our friend Janet has had such a tough year
her husband Doug had a massive brain bleed after surgery
so it has been a difficult year of recovery for him 
and lots of care taking for Janet...
She is such a joyful gal
and has risen to her new role with such strength and grace
she constantly looks for God's joy
she is such a blessing
and oh my goodness she is a hoot as well:)

So we finally got our acts together and gave Janet a needed respite in Chicago
at Terri's house
we have talked about doing this for years
I believe we need to do this every few months now:)
I love how you don't see great friends for years
and pick right back up where you left off 30 years ago!
We all love each other so much....

goodness I love Chicago
we went on the architectural tour
this was my third time and I have never been bored! 

we went through Terri's pics and found so many great ones
Val is missing from this pic:(

we had such a great trip!!
Janet, Valerie, Terri, me and Margie

Terri's husband Steve took us out the evening before Val and I had to go home
SOOOOOO many laughs!

Next up was Cancun a week and a half later!!
Hank had a meeting so I tagged along
such a great treat for this mom that does not do this ofter
twice in one month!!!
Our big kids are a bit sick of keeping littles I would think:)

my view with coffee in the morning
I know......disgusting right???
especially when it is free

Hank's VMG group
it was so nice to meet everyone and their wives
(with Karen and Alan, Darren and Anne)

goober selfie

only in Cancun haha!!

and lastly
end of the year parties and field day
it is still so weird that I don't go to John David's school for last day events!!

so cute!!
field day in the rained sooooo hard!!

Sarah and M

the 3 amigos
(think Courtney should have taken this too)

I love this pic so much!!
Courtney took it, so not fair that Janie will pose for others:)

Alex and Janie are great little pals
I love Janie's class
so very thankful we held her back
she is in her element now:)

We are getting geared up for summer!!!
summer swim team started this week
Janie LOVES it Madeline tolerates it haha

We have a busy summer
going to Pensacola on Saturday for a week with EVERYONE
bigs and littles
and my parents
I am soooooo excited!!

John David has a meet in Atlanta that just the 2 of us are going 
to the middle of June

We get to go visit Granddaddy (Hank's Dad)
over 4th of July

and lastly July 8-15th the girls and I are heading to Columbus
for Janie's big check up with Dr. Levitt
He did her surgery 2 1/2 years ago in Cincinnati
I sure am going to miss being able to stay with Val:(
we will go visit her over the weekend though!!
While there Janie is also doing laxative training to see if she can go without enemas
this is a big deal....
praying for my girl that she will be able to "work" with this
we are told 50/50 chance
so lots of prayers for this
looking back over our journey with Janie
I am confident of God's constant hand upon her
whatever the outcome I know she will continue to be the whiny joy she is!!
she is such a blessing to us!!

Happy Summer!
not going to miss homework and crazy mornings 

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