Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Sarah Jane!!!!

Janie is finally 6....she has waited a long time to turn 6:)!! We celebrated!! Our kids love to have breakfast in bed when they are young enough not to want to sleep in til noon. I heard Janie up before 6!! By 7 I was up and asked her if she wanted to come with me to get her donuts. She wanted to stay in her bed with her ipad (a treat for sure) and be "surprised" when I got back haha!

She opened a few presents from the family....

for some reason she is all about Brave right now

my goodness I don't know a child that is this joyful!

Her favorite gift was some markers and a journal:)

We had her party planned for 11-1 but it was raining so we pushed it back to 12-2 and the sun started shining at 11:45 whooo hoooo. Janie was very specific that she wanted her class and brothers and sisters for hamburgers, hotdogs, pickles and cake:).  We had such a nice afternoon with all her friends and families.

I have no idea what she was whispering to cute!!

She was so very excited about her "my little pony" cake....
Uncle John texted me asking how long the my little pony phase lasts
my answer....forever.... lol!!

I love this precious look on her face as we were singing Happy Birthday!
I think I sang it to her 50 times today!
It is a joke in our family that I sing it obnoxiously to each child alllllll day long
they are groaning by midday......not Janie!
This girl is ALL about her birthday! 

The party did not end there!
She chose to go out to eat Chinese....
on the way to the restaurant she said
"hey, I wish I chose that place where they make fire"
So we did what all parents do when it is their child's birthday!
We called Osaka to see if a hibachi table was available and it was:)

one excited little girl!

my goodness this little girl loves all the fuss over her!!
she asked me many times during dinner when the singing was going to happen!!:)

one of her favorites
she believes her pink horsey needed a friend:)

Kendyl posted this picture last night from Basspro and I did not even notice the horse!!!
so funny! that horse went all over downtown last night!

if you ever wonder what big kids do during a long birthday party of shrieking kids.....
play cards:)

Happy birthday Janie Jane!!! We love you so very much!!!!

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