Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

We enjoyed a nice Easter today, a wonderful sermon and time with our family.

The girls were up at the crack of dawn
totally weird that John David does not want to get up for the festivities!

in search of eggs the Easter bunny may have left:)

these two have such a neat relationship!
They have so much fun together and "run away" from the littles together lol

goodness it is so weird to see JD as tall as Julianne!
Carly is excited to be as tall as them with heels on:) she sure is cute!!

I think we were cracking up at a comment Gardner was making about my dress
I got oil splatters all over it cooking and we had to put kids in front of me to cover it up haha
notice I have Madeline held in place:)

haha I'm checking myself out!! 

prom.... sorority pose
and yeah it is blurry
but it is funny:)
these people are so funny....the ideas they come up with
are these peeps really all my children????

the idea this year was "album cover"
Madeline and Janie are the lead singers

TOTALLY cracks me up that Madeline and Janie do exactly what they are told by the bigs!!
ALLIE makes me cry laugh!!

now a normal one
just not fun!

Janie's 3 year post adoption report is due next week so we tried to get some pics for that as well!

Our first Easter with Carly!
Goodness she just fits right in....
is that a compliment to her??? haha
We love this sweet girl and she is doing so well!

We were totally cracking up at our awkward pose
it is hard work trying to cover up grease stains!!

Madeline very rarely wants to pose for me these days
but today she wanted some pics with her bunny Snowflake:)

Just keepin it real
I have no memory of the reason behind this drama lol

next she is all smiles in her gown from the Easter bunny to go hunt for eggs!

Only Janie hunts for eggs in this getup!

this smirk from Gardner when John David told him he"lost his privileges" to fly his new drone
I think he wrecked it into a tree???
Allie lost her privileges too lol!!  

He is explaining why his older siblings are not allowed to fly his drone:)

they really want drone privileges!!!

Happy Easter!!!!!

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