Thursday, April 16, 2015

Carly's Prom.....

OK so I'm finally getting about the business of posting Carly's junior prom pics!!!  This was Carly's first prom and our first prom with her:). An aside, Carly is doing so well with us. Her little life has been turned upside down yet she continues to smile, be happy, totally involved with our family....don't get me wrong we have our moments but truly she is such a blessing to us. I am so very proud to call her mine. Back to the business at hand...prom pics!!!

I just have to say Carly and Blake are adorable together

We have really enjoyed Carly's group of friends!

What is going on during pics:)

the besties
MacKenzie, Jordan and Carly

you get the picture....

I so love this picture....these 2 are great buds!

Janie ran inside and put this dress on to be dressed up like Carly:)

lol, only way we could get Carly with Madeline!

Cool limo!

just love this girl!

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