Thursday, April 2, 2015

Another Teenager!!

John David is 13 years old today!
I know we all say it
but it's true
it goes by too fast sometimes,,,
this child God miraculously gave me
lots happened in my life before he came to be...
I believe God kept this little secret tucked in His heart for me during some tough years
He knew he was going to bless me despite the loss of my original family
He knew he was going to send a special child to heal us all
to bind each one of us together always in our new family. 

During his pregnancy I told Hank I wanted a little Hanky:)
I got one
the spitting image of his father
such a special boy
oh I mean young man....

love these two!

this morning
13 years old
"Moooooom stop"
lol teenagers!!!

Happy Birthday John David!!!

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