Thursday, March 12, 2015

3 Years With Janie!!

On this day 3 years ago we walked into the Civil Affairs building in Changsha China to meet this precious child. She was so upset and scared. Our hearts broke for her pain and fear of leaving everything she had ever known her first 3 years. Six months prior to this day I received her medical file late one evening from our social worker saying she was ours, "we need your answer in 3 days". Her medical file was not complete and left us with many unanswered questions regarding her health and mental capabilities.I was praying in the early morning in anguish over this sweet child questioning our ability to take this leap of faith....the thought "watch this miracle unfold before you" flew through my mind. I remember sitting there stunned questioning if God had just spoken to me....first off I don't talk to myself in 3rd person. That one flash of God carried me until we met this precious child 6 months later. And yes I have watched this miracle unfold before me. God mightily chose this perfect child for our family and mightily showed me in the early hours that morning that He is in charge. It has been my privilege to follow Him in this journey.
Happy Family Day to our precious, bossy, funny, animated, show stopping, whiny, happy, smiley, performing, boss of crazy outfits, so very loved Janie!!

this picture makes my heart hurt every time I see it....

poor sweet child was so very scared....

John David brought out that very first smile!

look at that smile just hours after we met!

Now for a few pics of the diva this morning:)

goodness she is just so cute!

and is looking too grown up!

ah mooooommmmmm, no more pics!!

oh my she is a mess!

and an absolute joy!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tonsils and Tiaras......

Yesterday was your normal day in the Wright household!
John David has been scheduled for a tonsillectomy since December
Janie has been preparing for her Circus play for a month
On Tuesday I received the email stating that Janie's program had to be rescheduled
to Wednesday instead of Thursday due to the threat of inclement weather approaching...
Thankfully Kendyl jumped to the rescue was able to go support miss Janie!
It takes a village people ha!

yes he looks calm before surgery but he was a bundle of nerves poor boy!!
He did great, had a rough afternoon but is better this morning!

I made it to the end of her program
she was not aware that I was unable to see her part:)
The look on her face when she saw me was priceless!

I took her to the bathroom to change and asked her to let me take a pic....
this is what I got hahaha
she is not dramatic is she????
My goodness she is a special child!

Southeastern Championships....

Hank and I took a mini vacation with John David to Knoxville. We actually went for John David's SE swim championships but it felt like a vacay to me! When you are almost 52 and have needy demanding energetic full of life 5 and 8 year old girls....well one may look at a swim meet where you bite your nails and sit on the edge of your seat for 8 hours a day a vacation haha!

 It was so nice to have John David to ourselves and help him focus on what he has worked so hard for over this swim season. Because of the aforementioned nerves of this mom I have very few pictures.
He qualified for 9 events and is allowed to swim in 7. This has been one of his best swim seasons:)
this is the ONLY pic I have of him before his first awesome 200 free race

He had a great meet except for the part when he missed his race, otherwise known as talking to his buddy, not realizing those 50's go by faster than imagined, and a coach that did not see until it was too late. I was so so sad for him since it was one of his best races but mostly because I know my boy.....he is harder on himself than any parent, teacher or coach could possibly be and he is 12, needed a bit of guidance. My text to him right after this incident was "I'm so sorry! You will never do that again...." This was the cause of my psychotic nerves for the rest of the meet ha! I have to say he handled himself very well, picked himself up from his disappointment and moved on. That day was not a loss for sure seeing as he placed 10th overall in his 200 free and took 6 seconds off his best time. Overall he learned some very important lessons that will serve him well into adulthood! As disappointed for him as I was I am more thankful for what God placed in his heart... humility, perseverance and contentment in adversity.

I love this meet mobile app!! 
When John David is 16 he can look back at these times and see how far he has come...
every other year swimmers move to the next tier of time requirements 
and cannot imagine he or she can accomplish these faster times...
I am fascinated watching these athletes achieve these new goals!
One thing is for sure swimmers are a driven group of high achievers:)
He took time off every event he swam....such a great meet for him!

The rest of the weekend in our bits of free time we visited with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. It truly was a much needed and appreciated vacation. Thanks to Julianne the girls had a great weekend as well:)