Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gotta Rewind a Bit!

Ok so I dropped the ball again last month and never posted my Madeline's 8th birthday!
She turned 8 on January 22...
our first celebration with her choice of dinner with the fam
she chose breakfast for dinner and oreo ice cream cake:)

The next weekend we celebrated with her classmates at Sega gymnastic....again
she wanted the same party as last year:)
sorry toooooo many pics but I can't help it!
a few of the girls

just waiting around for the party to start:)

Julianne I know this is blurry but she is too cute!

this is what Gardner does when he is taking some pics for me
he has no shame!

cutest legs EVER!

even John David had to play with the littles just like last year

Madeline's new friend Sarah
her exact words
"Momma I'm so excited I have another Chinese girl in my class!"
Sarah just transferred to our school in January and M is excited:)

John David and Carly started the racing among the big kids
never a dull moment with this crew

Allie and Julianne
I can't remember for sure but I think they played fair

Julianne and Sarah did not play fair haha
Julianne is pulling her back!

Kendyl pulling Gardner back

victory run!

Kendyl has no shame either
geez they are well matched!

you give these people your camera and look what happens lol!

Madeline wanted Janie to invite a friend
of course that is Caroline!

her stash:)

Madeline had a wonderful 8th birthday!

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