Saturday, January 17, 2015

So....I Needed An Intervention

Yes I needed an intervention regarding my iphone picture taking skills. I knew I was a total loser in iphone photography when Julianne admitted to me that she and her sister in law laugh at my fuzzy pics lol!! So I signed up for a class with the same girl that taught me how to use my real camera. She is a great teacher if she can give me an understanding of photography, just sayin. I'm rusty in that area right now due to my own laziness in not playing with it enough!

Anyhow we started the class last week and I have been playing with it. I am thrilled to see my lack of fuzzy pics, they are crisp and clear whoo hooo!

Here is some proof

John David swimming 500 free
I have never been able to get a photo at an indoor meet like this one!
(I don't even take my good camera to indoor meets anymore
that will require me buying a super snazzy lens!)
Next week we learn some editing tricks....can't wait:)

Madeline has been home sick most of the week so I have had a bit more time to get stuff done around the house.... or play with my phone.

John David has a big meet this weekend so Hank and I are taking turns going.
I got to go last night:)
He had one long race and placed 3rd 
so fun to watch

I can't believe how clear this pic is for being zoomed in all the way across the pool 
I sent it to Hank since John David looks
when he is nervous!!!

his friends cheering him on before the race:)

He is lane 4
ok so I'm going to work on this tonight when we go back
my photo taking abilities.. not my swimming
yeah as much as I swim I could not even dream of doing what JD does
geez these kids are fast!!!
I think I must have focused on the top of the sign instead of the center???
and it was far???? hmmmm
gotta perfect that scoreboard photo shoot lol
but the race was awesome!

this is what Madeline has done all week
and coughing
and sneezing

Goldbug was not interested in posing

just looking out the window

she is not amused with having a phone stuck in her face repeatedly

and lastly Carly had a fitting for her dress for Winterfest Court
we took the girls with us thinking they would be excited to see her try it on
they wanted to finish watching their movie instead haha
we are all excited to see her on that court in a few weeks!!

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