Friday, January 9, 2015

Because It Is Quiet In My House!

I cannot get motivated to get my groove on today
because this is the first day....
I am at my house!
no doctors appointments for kids
we have had one every day since the kids went back to school
not today though whoo hooo
 they are all at school and happy

so I'm just sitting in my pj's catching up on the computer:)
and acting lazy
I know I will feel guilty in a few minutes!
I do have the wash going
kitchen cleaned
but 596 other things that should be done!

first some catch up on iphone pics!

First off we had an impromptu visit from my sweet friend Jenn and her girls
on their way to Nashville.
I have not gotten to meet her girls yet
nor have Jenn and I had much time to catch up lately
it was such a treat!!

Wesleigh is an absolute doll and Gracie is a hoot and so darling!!
Gracie sure can strike an Elsa pose!

another Elsa pose...

Gracie totally cracks me up!!
Wesleigh and Madeline are on the move and she strikes another pose lol!
so precious!

Gracie getting some love from Goldbug!

Wesleigh rocks this look!!
nothing like a girl with brothers!

ok so what are my girls up to?? haha

Such a nice time seeing these girls~ love them and their mama!

next up was going to Osaka to celebrate Allie's 27th birthday!

the crew

I had to take this one!
Gardner and Matt have been great friends since 2nd grade
Matt lives in LA now so of course my "other child" as I call him
had to come celebrate Allie's birthday with us.
Carly already had plans with friends so she missed this one
many more to come though:)

and because Hank and I still enjoy embarrassing our kids....
they were taking selfies etc
so we took a few lol

Hank makes me laugh out loud!
I don't think one of the kids thought we were funny...
not even Janie!!

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