Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Magical Night!!

Carly had a big night last night. She was nominated for Winterfest Court last month and we have been planning since then...

the 3 mamas with Carly
not only does Carly have me but Jean and Molly as her surrogate Moms!
We had a great time planning
and trust me it took the 3 of us
(insert Paige can be forgetful these days
thanks to Jean and Molly for keeping up with the details:)

the afternoon started off with hair and makeup..
Alexis lives with Molly while she is in Memphis for beauticians school
she brought along her friend Cameron to help.
Geez they were awesome! 

when Carly was a baby our whole group was so excited to have a red head among the kids
look at that hair!!

I'm pretty sure that is Madeline's hand reaching to touch those curls
I have to say Carly sure has embraced the crazy in this house!

Alexis and Cameron.....
they were so great!!

Carly with her escort Vann

one of her very best friends Mackenzie

The juniors on the court

The entire court

have to throw this one in
there was much activity taking place waiting on the court presentation haha

this cracks me up!!!
she is watching Madeline fly across the floor to hug her lol

Carly surrounded by her big brothers Stephen and Ryan:)

I can't remember all her friends at this point but want to post for her to have!

with her boyfriend Blake

her Uncle Roy and Aunt Laura

with her Grandmother and Grandfather

and the brothers!

that crown sure is pretty:)

We are all so very proud of this special girl! 
Carly you are adored by this crazy crew!!

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