Thursday, December 31, 2015

~2015 My Best Nine!~

I love getting to see what my top nine liked instagram pics are!

goodness I love all of these,
I am laughing that one of the faves was of Janie's new glasses!
We have not seen them on her since that day!!
she refuses to wear them...
I guess that will be my first goal of 2016...
find her some glasses that don't "bothew" her!

Looking back over this year
it has been one of our hardest and one of the most rewarding
it has been a joy to welcome Carly into our family
she fits right in
and we are all adjusted
well as adjusted as this cray family can get

Madeline had a very difficult year but she is on the mend
years of questions finally answered 
and we are making peace with these answers
it is day to day

Hank and I have no surgeries in the future
.. that we know of..
ha guess 52 year olds aren't supposed to exercise like we do
it sure can mess an elbow and a knee up!
but we are mended and back at it
just not as much
and content that we can still do what we love
me swimming
Hank running:)

Most of all I am thankful we made it through this year intact
mentally and physically
who knows what 2016 may bring
but I trust that our Lord will direct our paths
and knows exactly what He has planned for our future days!

2 Peter 3:8
"But do not forget this one thing dear friends: with the Lord a day is like a 
thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day."

Happy New Year!!

~Last But Not Least of Christmas 2015~

Every year we get together with Jeff's side of the family
all the cousins love seeing each other since all the Adams are out of town now
they grew up seeing each other every single weekend:)
my littles don't even question how they are related
they just know them as Aunts, Uncles and cousins...
I know
we are very very blessed

We were happy to have Allie and Eric back from Colorado:)

part of the crew

Janie was determined to get a selfie with her socks showing lol

awesome photo bomb Chris and John David!!

we could not find any of the big kids when we were getting ready to pray before dinner..
all crammed into our little office watching Bad Lip Reading of Star Wars!
It is so funny!!!

 Mimi opening her gift
every year we play dirty santa with "as seen on tv" gifts...
we get quite obnoxious
Madeline and Janie look forward to this night more than any part of Christmas:)

Eric got a cat paw
it meows and moves
of course it was a big hit and was stolen many times

can't you tell JD is excited
his 3way poncho got stolen by Austin

cat paw....

now JD is sad he can't model the 3 way poncho

these hair extensions were a big hit haha

and Allie left with the coveted selfie stick
we are one obnoxious family!

~Christmas Day 2015~

Our Christmas was a bit different this year
Allie and Eric were in Colorado with Eric's family
and Carly and her brother Stephen were with us..
we sure missed Allie and Eric 
and loved having Carly and Stephen...
as usual all things with Carly are bittersweet
she has become such an important part of our family
yet I get so sad reflecting on all her losses
and Stephen, well the best big brother ever!
Ryan had to work all night on Christmas Eve so we weren't able to see him:(

Our Christmas Eve slumber party was a bit different this year too
Since Allie and Eric were out of town, Julianne and Chris spent the night with his family
so just Gardner and Kendyl had  got to slumber with us...
next year we will have the whole crew again:)
that is just how it goes with married children
all the parents take turns with their kids
I have to say we are so spoiled with all the in laws
we all try to make it as unstressful (is that a word?) for our kids as we can
they all have a bunch of family to see and we all work together
arranging our times for meals etc so it works for everyone
guilt trips are a no no:)
we are blessed to have them in town as it is!!

Madeline's smile makes me laugh
does that not say "MOOOOOOOOM let us go already!!!"
and Gardner....that beard!!!

and she is out of the blocks

so much joy:)

love this kid!

Carly checking out her Santa stash:)

ok so Kendyl and Gardner win the good sibling award this year!!
Kendyl was all about helping with Madeline's cotton candy machine
and putting all of Janie's horses together
Gardner and John David disappeared upstairs to install his graphics card 

once Julianne and Chris got home we were trying to get everyone in the living room to open presents
these two were glued to some Christmas program haha

back to the cotton candy machine
we ate a lot of candy all day long:)

only Janie sports her new robe and roller skates at the same time:)

Goldbug had the best day ever playing with Stephen's puppy Knox...
unfortunately this is the only picture I have of Stephen....his legs!!!

We had a nice lazy day
ate too much food
watched football and Christmas movies!!

One more post to go!!!
The Wright/Mounce/Ward/Adams annual get together with cousins!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

~Christmas Eve 2015~

I wish I had more pics from Christmas Eve....
got preoccupied with planning dinner etc!
We had such a nice evening at church and then dinner at home with the Wells family

nothing like last minute pics with Santa!

these two goobers wanted to send a pic to their grandparents showing their new purses:)

I am loving that Madeline wants to have her picture taken again!

before church...

Madeline and Carson wanted to perform
they were so cute!

       I was ready to cry....this is a big deal that Madeline was so into it...
I am very thankful she is doing so much better!


part of our audience
they look a bit bored to me!

next up diva Janie

my goodness she is such a special mess!!

after we read about Christ's birth
and Twas the Night Before Christmas
the girls ran outside to leave reindeer food...
I am definitely getting old,
I don't care what they wear for pictures anymore haha!
It was too warm for our Christmas pj's but Madeline would not wear them anyway;)

It was a very special Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

~Pre Christmas Happenings~

I really love Christmas and all the fun
but I stress myself out a bit
I got started a bit earlier this year
and tried to get it all done in a more timely matter
it helped a bit....
but I have to quiet my thoughts each day approaching Christmas
and remember why we truly celebrate it
Christ and Christ only
all the other is so much fun
but I think that is why I get stressed
I try to make it "great" for everyone....
instead of focusing on Christ
I am going to do better next year!!!

So here are a few pics from the week before Christmas:)

My sister and brother in law
niece and her family
came over the weekend before Christmas

the crew

Janie with her 2nd cousin Max
he is so very sweet to my kiddos and just a year and a half older than John David
funny how life turns out
Max is my niece Andie's son
she is my niece from Jeff's side of the family...
Andie was Allie's very first babysitter when she was 12 years old
now we have kids around the same age as her own
mine being younger
joke is on me!!! hahaha

my sweet Andie with her daughter Lily
they look EXACTLY alike!!
Lily is 9 which is how old Andie was when she was in my and Jeff's wedding:)

my peeps..
never a dull moment with these 2!!

truly this is so funny!!
I hear klunking and turn around to see M in these shoes
funny thing is that Kendyl had to wear these in a wedding
wonder why they ended up in my house??? ha

I don't even remember where Janie and John David were
but Madeline and I found ourselves at home alone one day...
this girl LOVES to be in the kitchen
(unlike her mother...I do it out of necessity:)
she was so very excited to get to cook with me by herself
I love love love time alone with each of my kids!

this day I will remember forever!