Thursday, December 18, 2014

Life Lately in Instagram:)

This is Goldbug's sister Harper
she is just as sweet as Goldbug
lateley I have been somewhat obsessed with researching Bernedoodles
and Newfypoos...
Hank says #$%%^# no:)

just a regular night at home

first visit to Santa
blurry and all....

Madeline created her own little m&m heaven

our new rule at dinner time
all phones go to center of the table!:)
it is hardest on Hank ha!

Germantown parade!

they came home with 3,485 pieces of candy...

a weekend of swim meets

1st place in 500 free:) whoop whoop

last weekend it was a bit warmer outside
I caught a glimpse of pink and legs going outside...
Hank sent me this pic 
this girl is so so funny!!
and another one for laughs..
and another!

girlfriend is a MESS!

playing with Allie and Eric

and last but not least...
we had reservations for breakfast with Santa
I did not realize it was during the swim meet:(
Daddy took the girls anyway whoop whoop
they were so excited
I had matching dresses for the occasion
but Janie revolted and said she needed to "match" Santa
match him she did:)

Hank also sent me this picture with
"Madeline's custom 3 pound dessert"
as the caption hahaha!

We are geared up for Christmas! 
I got my act together this year and did most of my shopping early YAY!
I even wrapped my last gift today before the kids get out of school tomorrow YAY again!
now we just need to make cookies and gingerbread houses...
oh and plan food....yikes....I'll get to that!
my hope was to not get all bah humbug this year because I'm so overwhelmed!
so far I'm much much further ahead than the past few years...sigh..
of relief:)

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